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Public services to have recived support from the Cabinet Office's Mutuals Information Service (MIS)

This information, published on a quarterly basis, presents the number of public services to have recived support from the Mutuals Information Service (MIS), according to the service area within...

Govt construction strategy compliance data

Departmental questionaire to monitor compliance to Government Construction Strategy

Shape of HR'

Percentages and numbers of HR allocated by grade, region, team type and activity

Civil Service People Survey 2012

The Civil Service People Survey (CSPS) is an annual survey open to all Civil Servants and those that work for Civil Service organisations. In 2012 297,318 Civil Servants across 97 organisations...

Cabinet Office Annual Report and Accounts 2012-13

This data is derived directly from the Cabinet Office Annual Report and Accounts 2012-13 (for the year ended 31 March 2013), first published on the Cabinet Office website in July 2013. The title of...

GPS 'Active' Suppliers

List of suppliers that are receiving income via work carried under GPS Frameworks - i.e. those that are winning business via further competitions usage statistics

Usage data for Gives an impression of the quality and quantity of usage, the browsers used and which pages had the most interest. Data from Google Analytics. Updated daily.

Central Government Property and Land including Welsh Ministers estate.

NB Since June 2016, this quarterly series of extracts of the database is discontinued and is superseded by daily extracts found at: Data files from...

Datatype Register

Datatypes constraining values used by register fields and idenitifying ways in which it may be encoded a representation Registers - Registers are lists of information. Each register is the...

Central Government EU statistical procurement return to the European Commission

A list of all the above OJEU procurements that have been carried out by public sector organisations that are submitted to the European Commission on an annual basis

Performance data on Government ICT projects (31 July 2010)

A spreadsheet of details on Government ICT projects as at 31 July 2010 and valued at over £1million. Departments own the data. ERG collated the data. All the data is published apart from that...

GPS operational project delivery plans

Project plans that are used to deliver GPS business

Operational project delivery plans

Project plans that are used to help deliver the work of the Procurement Policy & Capability Team

Govt Major projects Project Leadership

GMPP Project Leaders (SROs and Project Directors).

Social Investment Fund market research 2011-12 Survey data on SIFI investment and beneficiaries

GHK survey data for CO on: a) SIFI investment (amounts invested, characteristics, returns, products) and b) on beneficiaries of social investment (who, how much finance, what types of finance).

Social Impact Bonds Centre for SIBs mailing list

Includes name, organisation, and contact details of national and international stakeholders with an interest in SIBs.

Land (Register of Surplus Land)

This land dataset includes land parcel boundaries for e-PIMS records marked on the Register. This may be extended to other land records in the future. Currently it provides information on the...

Cabinet Office Annual Report and Accounts 2014-15

This data is derived directly from the Cabinet Office Annual Report and Accounts 2014-15, which was published on the GOV.UK website on the 1st of October 2015. The title of each file includes...

SCS Pay - Pivotal Role Allowance

Departmental spend and number of cases

Individual Electoral Registration: Confirmation Dry Run Data

Data details the results of the confirmation dry run (CDR), a test of the confirmation process which will be the first step in transition to Individual Electoral Registration. The full evaluation...