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GPS operational project delivery plans

Project plans that are used to deliver GPS business

Applicants to the Social Outcomes Fund

Names, contact details, status and documentation of Expressions of Interest to the Fund submitted in the first round and the same for the Full Applications. In addition we have the names and...

Register Register

Registers maintained by HM Government Registers - Registers are lists of information. Each register is the most reliable list of its kind. If you wish to know more about registers,...

Sopcial Investment Fund market research 2010-11 Survey data on SIFI investment

BCG survey data for CO on SIFI investment (amounts invested, characteristics, returns, products).

GPS operational risk registers

Operational risks that are being actively managed

List of Ministers' Interests

Under the terms of the Ministerial Code, ministers must ensure that no conflict arises, or could reasonably be perceived to arise, between their ministerial position and their private interests,...

Gateway team data

Data on L&D gateway applications and decisions

Major Projects Portfolio data for UK government

The Major Projects Authority (MPA) publishes data as part of the government’s transparency policy. In addition to MPA annual reports, this includes an aggregated Government Major Project Portfolio...

Implementing the Government ICT Strategy - ICT Metrics

In March 2011, the Coalition Government set out a vision for Government ICT at the heart of delivery of efficient, cost-effective public services which are responsive to the needs of citizens and...

GPS Staff time recording information

Details of hours worked by GPS employess below SCS level

Listing of potential government procurement opportunities by industry sector

Lists of government future procurement plans by 17 industry sectors are published on Contracts Finder. Each entry identifies the requirement, buying organisation, potential timescales, indicative...

Social Impact Bonds Database of SIBs in development

Includes high level information on SIBs in operation/development/consideration, including a description of the proposed SIB, stage of development and key contact details.

Investment and Contract Readiness Fund ? funded organisations

List of all successful investee applicants to the ICRF since inception.

Business expenses of Cabinet Office senior officials including hospitality

The Cabinet Office publishes, on a quarterly basis, details of expenses and hospitality incurred by their most senior officials.

GPS operational performance metrics

Monthly operational performance metrics against targets

A quarterly updated list of all mutuals supported by the Mutuals Support Programme, according to public service area in which they are supported

Number of Mutuals supported by the Mutuals Support Programme according to the number of public service areas in which they are supported. For more information on the programme please visit...

G8 Social Impact Investment Forum mailing list

List and contact details of people invited to G8 Social Impact Investment Forum.

Official hospitality at Chequers

Details of those that received official hospitality at Chequers

Cabinet Office Annual Report and Accounts 2011 - 2012

This data is derived directly from the Cabinet Office Annual Report and Accounts 2011-12 (for the year ended 31 March 2012), first published on the Cabinet Office website in July 2012. This is part...

GPS benefits and savings performance

Methodologies and calculations of benefits and savings