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Biotoxin Results for England and Wales

Official control monitoring data for regulated biotoxins which can be found in shellfish in England and Wales.

Microbiological Official Control Sampling Schedule

FSA Northern Ireland Official Control Shellfish Sampling Dates for Microbiology

Phytoplankton Results for Northern Ireland

Official control monitoring data for toxin producing algae found in water samples within classified harvesting areas within Northern Ireland

Biotoxin Official Control Sampling Schedule

FSA Northern Ireland Official Control Shellfish Sampling Dates for Biotoxins.

Biannual Public Attitudes Tracker survey

The FSA conducts a tracking survey with consumers, in order to monitor changes in consumer attitudes towards the Agency and food-related issues. The survey covers four main areas: Awareness of the...

Summary of Food/Feed Safety Incident Root Cause Analysis (RCA) information

The information summarises anonymised Root Cause Analysis (RCA) data received by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) for corresponding food/feed safety incidents during the 2021/22 Reporting Year. The...

Local Authority Food Law Enforcement returns

The release summarises local authority activity in relation to food law enforcement at food establishments. It includes summary statistics on the numbers of inspections conducted as well the...

Formal Complaints about the Food Standards Agency

Complaints about the Food Standards Agency handled under stage 1 to 3 of the formal complaints process.

Correspondence Case Record – Treat Official

Correspondence received from members of the public which will be answered by locally by the relevant FSA business area.

Estates Data

Data regarding FSA estates. It covers running costs and space per FTE and workstation. The figures are used to benchmark against other government departments and the private sector. We are able...

Contractor Key Performance Indicators

Results of the contractor performance in England and Wales for the periods 2015-16 and 2016-17, measured against the key performance indicator RAG rating, reported annually at area level.

Radiological Monitoring Data

Radioactivity monitoring reports used to ensure that any radiation present in the environment or food chain does not compromise food safety.

Correspondence Case Record – Branch

Correspondence received from FSA stakeholders that require a response in either the Chair’s or the Chief Executive’s name.

IT Service Desk Records

Summary of all weekly service desk records by type.

Report a food problem service - User satisfaction

A breakdown showing user satisfaction for the Report a food problem service.

AMR consumer research survey

A quantitative research study, utilising a representative UK sample to understand awareness of, and attitudes towards, antimicrobial resistance (AMR). This dataset includes sample demographics and...

Approved Food Establishments - Daily update

A full list of establishments approved to handle, prepare or produce products of animal origin for which requirements are laid down in Regulation (EC) No 853/2004. This data is automatically...

Handwashing consumer tracker

This dataset includes all the data collected by the Handwashing consumer tracker survey, collected quarterly via Ipsos MORI’s i:omnibus. The survey is based on adults (aged 16-75) living in...

Thermal Inactivation Model for Hepatitis E Virus

This model was generated as part of FSA-funded research project FS301062. The model includes a collection of thermal stability data on Hepatitis E virus (HEV) in the published literature and...

Information Management Awareness Raising Log

This log records the internal awareness raising activities carried out by the Information Management and Security team at the FSA. The data includes a brief description of the awareness raising...